How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years?

Do you want to know “How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years”? The Indian government has mandated to record the birth within 21 days of the birth. Just put, the birth registration should not be kept more than 21 days after the birth of the child. Sometimes, guardians neglect this order. Therefore it converts into a big difficulty to get it later because:

  • The fair administration levies fine worth hundreds of rupees.
  • Guardians may or may not have evidence of their child’s birth.
  • The clinic or the head of the hospital staff may take some weeks to recover the childbirth proofs.
  • Aside from the unregistered childbirth, the candidate may lose it in the shifting of home or civil disobedience. Or perhaps, the fire or incorrect keeping may harm your birth proof. In short, you may be denied very important birth proof.

Let get through all cases sequentially and the ways to apply for the birth certificate.

How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years if his birth was unregistered when he was born?

Visit Municipal Corporation/Gram Panchayat

Being unregistered, your birth certification needs a legal method to be carried out hierarchically. It begins with your visit to the competent authority, i.e. Municipal Corporation (MC) or Gram Panchayat or Para Medical office in the locality where the applicant was born.

How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years

How To Get Birth Certificate After 25 Years With Supporting Documents?

Make sure that you have the secondary confirmation, which should be other than the primary proof of your birth. That can be any of the following checklists:

  • Dispensary Or hospital records with the name of parents and the child, attested by the doctor
  • School records, as in an SLC ( School Leaving Certificate ), Degree Certificate, Mark Sheet, Matriculation Certificate, or 10th/12th Class Certificate
  • A letter from the head of the school stating the name, DoB and place together with the parent name on that legal letterhead
  • State of Federal Census reports ( ration card )
  • A church record that bears its seal at the time when Rebirth occurred, stating the name, parents name, place, and DoB
  • An adoption judgment at the time of adoption
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driver Licence
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport (Expired or Current)
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID Card

Together with it, affirmations for NABC from the father and the mother or any other close relative would be required. These affidavits should be clearly drafted. Make sure that the affirmation should not be drafted by the applicant or the beneficiary himself.

As far as the sworn statement is involved, the content should cover all those details in its style:

  • Full Name of the Affiant
  • Address of the Affiant
  • Date & Place of Birth of the Recipient
  • Relationship with the Recipient
  • Full Detail in The Connection of Recipient Birth & Relationship

Lets get through all cases sequentially and the ways to apply for the birth certificate.

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