Malicious Apps That You Should Uninstall Immediately

Google has announced that it took down over 700,000 apps from the Google Play Store during the year 2017. This number is significantly higher than the apps that were taken down in 2016.

Hackers have given fake names like Super Flashlight Lite, Voice Recorder Pro, and Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro and WiFi Password Pro. Based on a research carried out by a cyber security company, these sort of app’s scripts overrides the user’s decision to disable ads showing outside of a legitimate context, and then, in many of the apps, hides its icon to hinder efforts to remove it.

Please do check your mobiles and uninstall the following malicious apps .

Package Name:

   2. RealTime Booster

Package Name:

3. File Transfer Pro

Package Name:


4. Network Guard

Package Name:


5. LED FlashLight

Package Name: com.brightest.ledflashlight


6. Voice Recorder Pro


Package Name:


7. Free Wifi Pro

Package Name: pro.freewifi.password


8. Call Recorder Pro

Package Name:


9. Call Recorder

Package Name: com.solidunion.callrecorder


10. Realtime Cleaner

Package Name:


11. Super Flashlight lite

Package Name:


12. Wallpaper HD –  Background

Package Name: hd.background.wallpaper.theme


13. Cool Flashlight

Package Name:


14. Master WiFi Key

Package Name: com.master.wifikey.booster


15. WiFi Security Master – WiFi Analyzer, Speed Test

Package Name:


16. Free WiFi Connect

Package Name: com.freewifi.connect.booster


17. Brightest LED Flashlight-almighty


Package Name: com.brightest.ledflashlight.almighty

18.Brightest Flashlight

Package Name:


19. Call Recording Manager

Package Name:


20.Smart Free WiFi

Package Name:


21. Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro

Package Name:


22. Dr. Clean Lite

Package Name: com.dr.clean.lite


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