India could be the first country to commercialize Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop signed a agreement with State government of Maharashtra to build a operational Hyperloop from Mumbai to Pune. The proposed Hyperloop will cut down the time taken to travel between the two cities to 25 minutes or less. This announcement was made by the Virgin Hyperloop One’s founder Richard Branson. He stated that on completion of the feasibility of the project in the proposed corridor they would submit a detailed framework within the next six months.



At first a test route is expected to be build alongside Mumbai Pune Expressway which spans over 140kms. Test runs of the working hyperloop are expected to commence in 3 years while the commercial operations are expected to start in 2024.

The Hyperloop One is capable of reaching speeds upto 1,000 km/h. But the time travel between Mumbai and Pune was calculated with average speed of 350km/h. Virgin claims that once the Hyperloop is fully functional the infrastructure will be capable of handling speeds between 600 km/h to 1000 km/h.

The possibility of India being the 1st country to get Hyperloop than the developed nation is high. This is because the cost of procuring land and the expenses for engineering would be very much less between Mumbai and Pune when compared to the places where feasibility study was conducted earlier. ( Los Angeles and Dubai) If the prices are to be compared for the land acquisitions and cost of living between Los Angeles and Mumbai, the value indicated 500 percent lower value in Mumbai.

A study conducted last year suggested that a fully operational Hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Fransico would cost upto Rs 38,500 crores. While Virgin Hyperloop claims that the cost for Mumbai-Pune corridor would go upto Rs 20,000 crores. The proposed Bullet Train between Mumbai and Ahmadabad has been quoted an expenditure of 1,10,160 crore and it would cost further more as it requires electricity supply and maintenance at a lower transportation speeds compared to Hyperloop.


Branson revealed that the manufacturing facility for the Hyperloop tubes is likely to come up around Pune and the company plans to make India an export hub for Hyperloop tubes.

Mumbai and Pune were announced that they will be one of the smart cities in India in the coming years. As presented by the government, Hyperloop seems to be a effective mode of transportation between these two cities as it would ease the congestion in expressways and railway network. This will also help in bringing down the pollution levels in these two cities.

While it is too early to predict the cost of travel between these cities in hyperloop, it is expected to be as same as airline fair.


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