What happens when we eat during Lunar Ellipse ?

As we all know, Lunar Ellipse occurs when the Moon passes-by the shadow of the earth. The Moon rotates around the earth in a fixed orbit and hence full moon and no moon occurs. But have you ever wondered why lunar ellipse doesn’t happen every month ?

The answer is that, the earth is titled in its axis and thus the moon does not come in line with the earth’s shadow every month. This is the reason why Lunar Ellipse happens only twice a year.


On the day of Lunar Ellipse moon comes as close as possible to the earth due to its orbit around the earth. Tides on the ocean are usually high on full moon days compared to the other days. This is because of the gravitational effect created by the moon, as it comes closer to the earth. Do you think moon does not have any effects on the life in the earth?

Moon is said to be one of the major reasons why life continues on earth. Cycles of the human system are in accordance with cycles of the moon. On a full moon days the energies of human system naturally move up. Many cases have been reported that the mental state of human alters for the psychologically affected people. If you are from India, you would have probably heard someone saying he/she has gone crazy because its full moon day.

During Lunar Ellipse, what happens over the period of 28 days in the cycle of moon happens at a rapid time of 2-3 hours. Earth’s energy reacts in such a way that, the things which have moved from its natural state begins to decay at a faster rate due to the effect of moon. Raw fruits and vegetables remains the way it is and we can clearly differentiate the quality of cooked food before and after Lunar Ellipse. This is because cooked food starts to decay much more rapidly than it does on a normal day.

When we eat something during lunar ellipse, our digestive system acts upon it. (there is a change from natural state) This causes the food to react in so many different ways in each one of us. When food starts decaying in our system humans have various effects which we are not aware of, as it happens in a very subtle way. Few of the repeated effects which many people complain are dullness, mood swings , stomach ache and head ache. So when we have a change of state within ourselves we are prone to have the effects. And also when food starts decaying within our body at a rapid phase, our life energies are said to get reduced by 28 days, in the phase of lunar ellipse.

In order to subsidize all these effects of food on our human system, people had observed that remaining on empty stomach during ellipse is the best thing to do. If you remain on empty stomach (no change of state) we are naturally bound to be conscious.

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