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Simple and quick tips and tricks to improve your CATIA V5 design skills


Welcome to my educational web page of catia v5 tips and tricks.

  • Most Users uses only some Features of Catia .i.e full utilization of commands or ways but if you are more familiar with catia features you can more faster accomplish  the task or work.
  • Modeling Can be done in many ways but method or way and time is important.
  • Saving a little bit of time here and there can add up over a long period of time, such as your professional career.

Organizing in Geometrical Sets

  • If you are working are huge assemblies then maintaining specification is must.
  • Organized Specification tree makes parts easy to navigate ,and for anyone who did not  create the original geometry.
  • All Geometrical sets should be logically named.
  • Features like holes,Chamfers can be in separate geometrical sets.
  • our goal as designer,is to make the best data as possible as.
  • Geometry should easily update with no errors.

Updateable Geometry

  • To help make your data can be easily updateable build geometry which catia can calculate itself.
  • Avoid use of edges,points as possible as it causes more opportunity for the model to fail and updates are inefficient when selections need to be made again and again.
  • Avoid use of extract of solid faces to prevent from update cycle error.
  • Avoid use of Extrapolate -Modify the main element when possible.

Use Quick Selection Tool 

  • This task shows how to access rapidly to sub-elements in the geometry without scrolling in the specification tree and while already being in a command.
  • You simply identify the generating element of the final element, without necessary trace the parents, especially if the generating element is not visible.


  • With this command and with some knowledge about engineering you can create, for example, multiple parts from same family, like screws, washers or nuts.
  • You must know a formula to do that. For example, for washers, you must know the difference between interior and exterior diameter that is 1/2 or other value and the thickness is 1 mm for all washers that have the exterior diameter smaller than 15 mm or something like this.


  • The default number of undo levels is ten. In most cases it can be very useful to have a few more, but do remember that this will hog system memory so show restraint when altering this setting.
  • R16: Tools > Options: Select General > Performances
  • R18: Tools > Options: General > PCS


  • CATIA has a built in screen capture tool. Access it by going to Tools > Image > Capture.
  • Options can be changed inside the tool such as automatically changing the background color to white (useful for inserting into PowerPoint presentations and not wasting as much ink when printing).
  • Of course, this tool is just used for screenshots – taking a snap shot of exactly what is displayed on the screen. For high quality, realistic images you’ll need to use rendering.

A great way to learn about new functions is by using the question mark command, a tool that is directly linked to the help files. To use the command simply click on the arrow with the question mark and then select any item on the screen. This will not only give you a description of the item but will link to the detailed help file page.


  • If you perform a task repeatedly, you can take advantage of a macro to automate it. A macro is a series of functions, written in a scripting language, that you group in a single command to perform the requested task automatically, saving time and reducing the possibility of human error.

Examples of macros CAD engineers might use

  • Generate Part List in Excel from CATIA
  • Place weld gun at every weld point
  • Compare differences between two parts
  • Print annotation data
  • Take a screen capture
  • Delete deactivated features
  • Create a drawing
  • Find specific geometry
  • Change background color to white

I will Discuss in more detail about Macros in my next article….

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