BluSnap… AC in 2-Wheeler Helmets? Possible ?

Hate driving in the polluted areas of your city? Hate driving in the scorching sun ? You always end up with your face full of pollutants and dust after a long ride? You sweat a lot while driving ?

Have you ever wondered to have a AC in your 2-Wheeler ?

Yes, you are guessing it right ! An Indian based start up called BlueArmor from Bangalore as come up with a spectacular device which you can snap on in your existing full faced helmets that cools you down while driving.

BluSnap is battery operated device with a water reservoir in it, which provides cool air circulation while you ride. To make our life easier the company says that the device can be snapped to our helmets in less than 30 seconds. The company also claims that the device can cool us up-to 10 hours if the battery is charged to its utmost level. The add-on device is said to make a difference of 6-15 degrees C. To make it feel more personalized the device comes with 5 different strap designs to choose from. We can hope with great desire that the deal signed with Vega Auto by BlueArmor will bring us more efficient cooling helmets in the coming years.

As an introductory offer the device is available for pre-order @ Rs. 1899. Deliveries are expected in the end of March,2018.

Happy Riding with a Cool Head !!!

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